Where Have I Been?

Render of cardboard with the Flutterduck logo on it

Looks like I disappeared again, huh? Sorry about that… Between my day job, family life, and a little downtime, I unfortunately don’t have much time to write. I would promise to try and do better, but I don’t want to break my promise, so I’m just going to say sorry and see what happens.

That said, I DO plan on doing a small writeup or two on Docker. I’ve decided to try and learn it, both on a NAS system like Synology and QNAP, as well as on a VPS. I’d like to see the differences between the easy click-click on a NAS and the more rigorous full implementation on a VPS and maybe compare/contrast them. I’m hoping to do a writeup on Neowin, but can do a brief version here with a full copy later if it’s necessary.

The Buffalo Bills are getting ready to start training camp pretty soon. Last year had such high hopes, but the emotinoal drain of the season was clearly too much for them. I’m hopeful that they can bounce back and dominate this season. We’ll see what happens.

Anyway, I’m off - just wanted everyone to know I’m still alive and looking forward to TRYING to post a little more frequently.