It's been awhile...

Emoji with a sheepish grin

I bet when you saw I had an official logo for (and a pretty cool one, if I do say so myself), you thought I’d be posting non-stop, or at least once every few days or weeks. Well, it looks like over a year went by and I haven’t had time to do anything on this site. Whoops.

The reality is that I wanted to play with git a little bit, learn a bit about Hugo, and just play around. I never intended this to be a platform where anybody actually visited. Indeed, I don’t even know if anyone is reading because I have no logs, traffic analysis, or other tools setup. So I could literally be the only person reading this. Or perhaps hundreds of people are following. Who knows?

What’s happened in the past year? Well, from a non-technical perspective, the Buffalo Bills made it to the AFC Championship game last year, losing to the Kansas City Chiefs. It was a crushing defeat, but it was also a very exciting season, something I haven’t had a chance to enjoy for a long time. The team is doing almost as well this year. They beat the Chiefs in a Prime Time matchup, are first place in the AFC East, and are still the favorites (in Vegas) to go the Superbowl. We’ll see, I’m still skeptical after they lost 9-6 to the Jacksonville Jaguars, but the team did bounce back and throttled the Jets 45-17 (and it wasn’t even that close…). The biggest takeaway is that Josh Allen hasn’t regressed at all, which was my main concern, especially after the team signed him to a huge contract worth $258 million dollars…

Other than that, nothing too memorable that I can think of. We’re still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, but nobody in my immediate family has had it yet so that’s good. I’ve been working from home for nearly two years which has pros and cons. I’m hoping to start doing a little more technical work at my job, but we’ll see how that goes. Oh, and we paid off our mortage, so we are officially debt-free, that’s a nice feeling!

Anyway, that’s all for this informal post. Hopefully I’ll contribute more frequently going forward, but no promises!