Bills are 9-3 in 2022!

Josh Allen celebrating a play with Dawson Knox

Wow… So I said I’d contribute more frequently, and then over a year later… here I am. I clearly am not dedicated to But that doesn’t mean I’m not still here. I still post on Twitter. I’m still running a security organization. I still write for Neowin. I still run MovieSlap And I still love the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills are having a great season, despite a ton of injuries. For several games, they were without their entire starting secondary, and half their defensive line, yet they’re still playing gritty football and winning games. They’ve only lost three games by a total of eight points this year. They just dominated the Patriots, 24-10, on Thursday night football, a week after winning on Thanksgiving, and a week and a half after having to play a home game in Detroit due to 77” of snow. So I think they’re doing pretty well. Oh, and did I mention that they beat the Chiefs, Titans, and Ravens, all leaders of their respective divisions? So the season, while not perfect, is looking good.

Nothing much else to say, other than I’m still alive and still think about Flutterduck and would like to write more if I had time. Until then, enjoy the holidays and hope for a Superbowl in a few months!