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Josh Allen celebrating a play with Dawson Knox

Bills are 9-3 in 2022!

Over a year since I posted, but in that time, and in that time, the Bills lost in the 13 second game, lost on a fluke fumble in the endzone, but are still 9-3 and currently in first place in the AFC East.


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Emoji with a sheepish grin

It's been awhile...

Looks like I implemented a nice logo for Flutterduck.com, and then vanished... Not promising I'll be back frequently, but I will try to be a bit more frequent with my posts


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A duck with a football for a wing, a pinball flipper for a tail, and a power button for an eye - the FlutterDuck logo.

FlutterDuck's First Logo

FlutterDuck finally has a logo! It's not the best logo, but it captures the topics of football, pinball, and technology, and I think it looks pretty cool for a first logo.